My troubles with WDS

The scenario is: I have wifi router #1 I’ll call this WiFi1. Then I have a TP-Link TL-WR841ND v5.3 Wireless N router. I can connect to WiFi1 just fine. Everything works okay… I want to connect to my TP-Link Wifi, and have internet from Wifi1. So I will be using my TP-Link WiFi to extend the range of WiFi1.

WiFi1 configuration is:
Encryption: noneChannel: 11
Mode: G 54Mbps
Router IP:
DHCP server: ON, giving IPs for 192.168.2.* subnet

My TP-Link WiFi configuration is:
Encryption: none
Channel: 11
Mode: G 54Mbps
Router IP:
DHCP server: OFF
WDS: Its turned on, SSID and BSSID are both given.

Now the problem is, I got this working for about 10 minutes once, I have no idea how… But it has not been working since.
When I connect to WiFi1, I can actually access my TP-Link’s WebGUI on IP:, so the TP-Link can successfully connect to WiFi1. However, when I connect to my TP-Link, I get no reply for DHCP. I tried setting static IP:, and then I am able to accesss TP-Link’s WebGui, but I am unable to access WiFi1’s web GUI, even pinging gives a timout. So connecting to WiFi1 seems to give me the impression that everything should be working fine, but on my TP-Link something seems to be blocking traffic from going to the other network. I know it can be done, cause it worked once! This morning all was fine for about 10 mins, actually after that I got it working once more, but since then, nothing. I tried putting DD-WRT on it, tried all the WDS modes, the client (bridged, routed), but nothing worked. Anyone, any ideas???

Update!!! The reason for my troubles was probabbly buggy TP-Link firmware. I switched to DD-WRT, and configured my router like this. My network has been running perfectly ever since! Plus, my wireless network is more secure. (DD-WRT doesnt support QSS)

  2 comments for “My troubles with WDS

  1. Vlado
    January 14, 2014 at 19:16

    I got the same problems with my two 740 & 741 routers. I used 3 days of debugging and it was your last sentence that brought me to idea. Both routers need to have QSS disabled 🙂 works as a charm 🙂 Thank you for posting this! You helped a lot.

  2. halftome
    January 14, 2014 at 20:36

    So you can confirm that this behavior only happens when QSS is enabled?

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