Krypton + SSH + Corkscrew

So, you’ve started using Krypton, because its amazing. No need to store SSH keys locally anymore, you can now have in stored safely on your mobile’s security chip designed for that purpose. But now you want to (/have to) use a proxy server for SSH. For this, you would probably make the obvious choice and go for Corkscrew. Now, if you look at your .ssh/config file, you can see the snippet starting with: # Added by Krypton. Krypton already uses the ProxyCommand to intercept the SSH and send it to your mobile for signing. But you need to tunnel it through a proxy server. No worries! Change the line to read:
ProxyCommand krssh -p "corkscrew proxyip proxyport %h %p" -h %h where proxyip and proxyport are your proxy’s IP and port. Enjoy!

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