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C++ source code

Flood Fill example SDL

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Angry birds SVG

‘Dem Angry Birds…

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Brainfuck Interpreter

This program take any Brainfuck source code from STDIN, interpret it, then run it in the console using. Download windows binary. Check out BF2C Converter. (Converts Brainfuck sourcecode to C sourcecode) Source code (C):

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Brainfuck 2 C converter

This program will convert Brainfuck sourcecode to fully functional C sourcecode. It will also check for syntax errors in the Brainfuck code. Download windows binary. Check out Brainfuck Interpreter. Source code (C):

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SVG clock

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Age of Empires 3 IP tool

Age of Empires III IP Tool Age of Empires III is a really fun game, that I loved to play over LAN with friends. After awhile LAN turned into WAN, and we used Hamachi to get it to work. Only problem was sometimes it would get stuck on the Hamachi IP, and not change back to LAN, so I looked… Read more →