Age of Empires 3 IP tool

Age of Empires III IP Tool

Age of Empires III is a really fun game, that I loved to play over LAN with friends. After awhile LAN turned into WAN, and we used Hamachi to get it to work. Only problem was sometimes it would get stuck on the Hamachi IP, and not change back to LAN, so I looked around on the internet to find a solution. There was a very nice little tutorial written here, so I decided to automate the process a bit and wrote this neat little tool to change the “forced IP” in the game. I don’t know if you can still buy this game, but you can download it from here. After installing the game, make sure to update it, by going to Tools>Update Game, or this program will not work for you. Have fun and share this tool. Comment any suggestions you may have!

Download exe

Source code:


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